The Sales Everyday Intensive

A 3-day Live Event for Remote Sales Pros

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Dear Partner and Friend,

Imagine a salesperson who...

✅ Has control and clarity about how much he or she makes every month

✅ Has systems in place to grow the money he or she makes

✅ Has a clear and documented plan to "exit" and be set for life

That's the vision we have for you.

And it's what the Sales Everyday Intensive is all about.

Yeah, we're going to talk tactics to help you close more deals.

But, honestly? That's the least interesting part of what we're doing.

We're all about helping you go from just another 1099 contractor...

A commodity to be chewed up and spit out if you don't perform...

To a trusted, valued advisor who takes any business they touch to the next level.

Does that sound valuable to you?

If so, please join us for three days of personal and professional growth like you've never before experienced.
Chris Zankowicz

Hey, my name's Chris  I'm from Canada and 18 months ago, I was working in a boring corporate B2B job making $3,000 a month. And just last month I hit my first $30,000 a month without being part of the coaching sales ecosystem, connection to moose and Mike mark, I would not be where I am today and in the shortest time possible as well. 

My name is Kat. I'm from Minnesota.  I'm currently a closer. I've been here since Thursday and it's been the past three days have just been amazing. I came here not being confident in myself and I'm leaving a completely different person. I left corporate America over a year ago. I doubled my salary in six months.
James Lanning

 I find, I think that this moment that this whole two years, three years have been trending towards is, is finding this pride of lions and then starting to run with them and hit me until later, like last night, this morning that I will not go back home from this event as the same man that I showed up
Our agenda for this event is designed to deliver….
A High-Level Transformation And 
Seven-Figure Earning Potential

Here are a few things we'll cover over 3 days:

  • Review your goals for 2022 and what you want to work on during the event
  • ​Purpose and origin story
  • ​Role clarity and teamwork
  • ​Organizational chart and hierarchies
  • ​​Mental models
  • ​Sales team architecture
  • ​​Objection-handling role plays
  • ​Team design and growth
  • ​​Engineering your finances
  • ​Emotional management for salespeople
  • ​PLUS many interactive exercises to build new skills and modes of thinking
Jessica Digginson

So I'm Jessica Dickinson, I'm from Southern California and I'm currently in the corporate sales world. And I also have a business that I have on the side of that as well. The experience here this past weekend has been absolutely amazing. I've been able to walk away with ideas and strategies on how to add more value to my corporate sales job and to the business owners that I work with on that end. 
Claude Toussaint 

How's it going everybody. My name is Claude. Just want to start off by saying how I had an amazing three days here. You guys seriously missed out this one to give a huge thank you how grateful I am, especially to Mike, especially to moose the whole team, my coaching sales.
Matthew Brown 

It's given me a perspective of saying, I don't want to just be this little blip, this little drop in the bucket for the rest of my life now that I've seen what's possible. So if you don't ever want to see, what's possible, just stay quarantined, keep taking your dials and don't ask questions. But if you really want to see what's possible and where you can take yourself even in 12 months, then be at the next event, that's it.

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